Download of a PDF from Containerfield in Webdirect not possible

Discussion created by robb on Jan 11, 2016
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My problem is that a download of a PDF from a Containerfield via Webdirect is not possible anymore, even though it was possible until some week/months ago.


The small pop-up window "Download file" appears. However, when I click on the button with the name of the file, it just greys out and nothing happens. I can only click on "Close", but the file has not been downloaded. I also wrote an Export Script but the download still does not work.


If I try this via the installed application everything works fine and I can download the PDF without problems.


BTW: Is it possible that Containerfields behave differently whether they are part of a portal or not?


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My technical settings:

Server: FMS 14 on Mac OS X

Developing Environment: FM 14 Pro Advanced

Browser: Safari 9.0.2 (Popup-Blocker disabled), Chrome 47 (same Problem)