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Filemaker Go - check for existing file

Question asked by jrubenh on Jan 11, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2016 by jrubenh

I have created a script that uses the step "Save a Copy"  to save a copy with a dated filename (e.g. Backup_2016_01_11).  What I want to do is to make sure I do not execute the "Save a Copy" step if the file already exists running on my iPad.


Using the following conditional works on my laptop, but does not work using FileMaker Go on the iPad:


If [ GetContainerAttribute ( $save_filename ; "externalSize" ) = "?" ]

    Save a Copy as [ "$save_filename" ; copy ]


    Show Custom Dialog [ "Backup Failure" ; "File already exists - no overwriting permitted" ]

End If


Any ideas on how to keep from overwriting an existing file on the iPad??