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    attached PDFs have disappeared


      We track invoices w/FMPro (now 14.0.4) and we attach the PDFs from vendors into an appropriate field.  This has worked well since the days of Bento.  With the last upgrade, we can't drag PDFs from the desktop onto the field any longer AND the PDFs from all of our existing records don't show up in the field.  Suggestions welcome.

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          Thank you for your post.


          It is possible that the Container Field was changed (to a Text field for instance) at some point, which would empty the field in old records and would not allow for import in new records. If you could check a few things:

          - Is the "Container Field" still a Container? (hasn't been changed to a text, date, timestamp, etc.)

          - What options do you see when right-clicking (or control click on mac) the "Container Field"?

               - Can you select and successfully use "Insert File" or "Insert PDF"?


          I look forward to your response!



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            -Yes, they are still container fields

            -Right click in container in browse mode only gives “reload” option

            -Cannot successfully “insert file” or “insert PDF”



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              Thank you for your response.


              There is a PDF in the container field if you are seeing a "Reload" option, but no "Insert" options.


              If you are having this issue on new records, you may have the container setup for Global Storage. Go to File > Manage > Database... > Select the Container Field > Select "Options..." > Make sure "Use global storage..." is unchecked.


              Aside of this, it may be some other development cause such as... Auto-Enter Calculation on the Container, Scripting, etc...


              You might create a new container field (for testing) or even a new file to see if the issue persists?



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