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Reminders for User that's currently logged in to DB - What's the best practice?

Question asked by c0nsilience on Jan 11, 2016
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I'm working on a small project management database that contains the typical projects, tasks and contacts.  When a user logs in, they land on a main layout with navigation elements for Projects (List View), Tasks (List View), they can see everything in the database.


I'd like to be able to create reminders (using merge fields), for the user that is logged in, to indicate what projects and tasks are assigned just to them.  This would appear on the main layout when the database opens and uses contacts as it's table.  Every user that will access this DB is in the contacts table.


I've tried to begin doing this by creating a field, in the contacts table, called AccountName that uses the calculation Get (AccountName) to display the current logged in user in a merge field on the opening layout.  However, after this point, I'm at a loss.


What is the best practice for being able to do this?  Am I missing out on something relatively simple that can be done with globals and set variables?


Any/all information and steps for accomplishing this will be greatly appreciated!