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    Change color of radio button


      How do I change the color of the radio button line? I've tried going to line and assigning none to the line and black for the color.


      I've gone to the style menu and tried a new button style but no luck.


      Right now I am using the Enlightened Theme. The button is so light you can't see it. You can barely see it in the below screenshot next to artist.



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          select the radio button object.


          under the "appearance" tab in the inspector.


          You'll see a drop down that says "radio button set" by default. Change it to "radio button set: radio icon" and that's your style for the unchecked circle. The other option under that menu is for the checked circle.


          You can then save your modifications to the theme and all of your radio icons will update simultaneously.

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            When I click the "Radio Button Set" there is no other option.


            Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 9.37.53 AM.png

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              You will need FileMaker Pro 14 to use mikebeargie's suggestion. The "radio button set: radio button" and "radio button set: icon" will not be available in the inspector for FileMaker Pro 13 and earlier.



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                The option is also dependent on the theme you have selected.  If you have a  solution converted to FMP 14 from an earlier version with a Classic theme, the option is not available.

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                  OK. Good to know. I suspect the Enlightened might not have it available. The solution is going to WebDirect so the buttons show up fine there. It just bugs me that the non-web version has it so light. I had thought of making the radio buttons into art, which I've done before, but was looking for an easier solution. Thanks.

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                    This is an old one, but how do I make my theme go to FM16 now... it was create under FM13 I think ??

                    as the file format is the same, I can't import the file ?!


                    This is annoying as even if background color is set to none, object in focus will display a background color. New item created in the same file, layout using another theme will have option to more customise field.


                    Copied radio button from another theme with color on the dot, will be copied, but can't edit it !!


                    Beside creating a new theme and copy everything into the new one, how can I bring my them into FM16 new features?