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File Maker Pro Lables Skipping

Question asked by Phillip22 on Jan 11, 2016

I am new to File Maker Pro and I have some difficulty when printing labels off our label machine. The machine is a Tally Genicom 6312 that runs Avery 4013 Continuous Form labels. When ever I print some labels off of File Maker Pro 14; for every 8 labels it prints it skips 3 labels right after it. I did print some test labels on a normal sheets of paper and they did not skip and looked just like how the preview did in File Maker. I know something is wrong with my settings since my fellow employees use File Maker 7 and it prints with no skips what so ever. I have already asked them if they can help me set up the 14th version but since they got the 7th version several years ago; nobody remembers on how they created their layouts.

Any help at all will be much appreciated