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Using calculations on merge fields in Layouts (?)

Question asked by googull on Jan 11, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2016 by googull

Newbie to FMP and I am struggling to figure out how to apply calculations to merge fields as I am not finding a calculation control (object) to place on my Layouts.  I am creating a series of summarized reports that need uniquely strict formatting on much of the data, concatenations, etc -  One example desired result is to place an "object" that displays a calculated result as follows  "(" & Trim(Table:Field_A) & ")"  .  I have dozens of such formatting needs and really didn't want to "pollute" my tables with a bunch of calculated fields just to trim fields and concatenate text for use as merge fields on a series of reports.   As a workaround, I've inserted Tab Controls just to get access to the Calculated Tab Labels - that works but dropping a tab for every calculation need can't be ideal.   So my question is if there a way to apply a calculation directly to a merge field or is there a calculated display object that I am simply not seeing?