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    Determine Active Tab


      I have a panel with three tabs. In the footer I have buttons that call scripts to go to the next record, go to previous record, add a record, etc. I only want these buttons to do their task if the first tab is being displayed. If any other tab is being displayed I don't want any of these buttons to work.

      I can't figure out how to tell the script that the first tab (tab name "Inspections") is displayed and to go ahead with the record operation.

      I tried Get (TriggerCurrentTabPanel) and testing if a 1 is returned with no success.

      I am not switching tabs when I want these actions to happen or not happen.

      Any help would be appreciated.

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          Bruce has a better response. I do not use tabs panels much anymore.

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            Sounds like a very awkward navigation setup. Consider changing it.

            Also, consider not putting the buttons on the footer, but instead, towards the bottom of the tab.

            What happens on the other tabs?

            But if you insist; the function you are looking for is the isFrontPanel attribute of GetLayoutObjectAttribute. Learn about the details here:



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              Yeah. I thought of that early this morning.  This one House Inspection record is linked by the InspectionID field to a single record in 13 different inspection item tables. The tabs allow the user to display the 13 different sections of this one inspection and I need to limit them to this one particular inspection.

              It is either tabs or buttons sending them to different layouts for each section. I like the appearance of tabs but they don't have the flexibility of arranging fields like separate layouts do.

              I think it is called "getting more experience" (I used to have database programmers to do this for me 40 years ago).