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    Help find a developer for small face paced office?


      We have run our small business for 28 years on Apple computers using Clairs works, Apple works, Mac Office and iWork. 

      Relatively simple v look ups, math formulas, & relational data bases

      The templates have not changed much and we have updated the software when needed for new operating systems

      The spreadsheets are getting large, and many of our files though independently created and working, are hard to keep together.  For many years we filed items by date and could drill thru to find things, as the business has grown and the scope has evolved over the last 10 years including the rapid pace of technology we concluded file maker is the next step.


      How do we qualify a developer to help us transition our items into Filemaker 14?

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          Where are you located?



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            Here are two suggestions:


            1. Go to FileMaker's website and look under "Consultants" (FileMaker Consultants, Data Consultants, Database Consultants).  Search for someone in your area.  You can really work with anyone - even further away, but looking in your own area is a good place to start.


            Make a short list of potential consultants and then contact them.  Finding someone you like is as much about personality as it is about coding.


            2. Attend a local FileMaker User's Group, if you have them in your area.  The name is deceptive because these are more developer groups than user groups.  And some of the people there will be in-house developers, not looking for outside projects.  But there will be consultants you can hire.  Talk with them to get a sense of who might be a good fit.


            You'll find some groups at the FMPUG site and others on Meetup.

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              Thank you, I originally sought out the listed Consultants.  There was a slight issue originally as I had bought the just released version 12 or 13, and they did not yet run the IOS parts I needed.  I will visit this option again.

              We certainly need to take the time to get a good sense of who might be a good fit and stay on on our target/project.  Getting completion for testing has twice proved the project was likely underbid, and the solution not understood between the salesperson and the coder. 

              There is nothing more frustrating being on a call anticipating a solution with sale people, coders etc.  and the developer runs into their own errors. Time and Time and Time again.  As if the company did not test the solution against the proposal. 

              Looking to move forward with Technology as it has been good to us thru the years. Technology is a small part of our day as the majority of our resources are in literally outside in the field.

              Wanting to be the best client, well trained, free from worries of IT.

              Thanks again we will be looking at the groups suggested also.

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                Extensitech offers a free consultation (usually about an hour) to review your needs and also see if we're a good "fit" for your project. Even if we don't turn out to be the right developers for you, you'll probably find that the discussion, and the questions we ask, will help you clarify your needs. We promise not to "sell at you", or try to force your needs to fit our capabilities.


                We're not in your area, but we have clients in yours (If you can call "Texas" an "area" ) and further afield. Since most of the work we do is done remotely, proximity is almost never an issue.


                If you're interested, please go to our website (www.extensitech.com) and arrange a consultation. We'd love the opportunity to talk through your needs and see if either we're a good fit, or could help you find one.


                Chris Cain


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                  Thank you I will be calling.