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Help find a developer for small face paced office?

Question asked by winterjasmine on Jan 12, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2016 by winterjasmine

We have run our small business for 28 years on Apple computers using Clairs works, Apple works, Mac Office and iWork. 

Relatively simple v look ups, math formulas, & relational data bases

The templates have not changed much and we have updated the software when needed for new operating systems

The spreadsheets are getting large, and many of our files though independently created and working, are hard to keep together.  For many years we filed items by date and could drill thru to find things, as the business has grown and the scope has evolved over the last 10 years including the rapid pace of technology we concluded file maker is the next step.


How do we qualify a developer to help us transition our items into Filemaker 14?