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relationship portal desperate for help

Question asked by scubadave112 on Jan 13, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2016 by scubadave112

I am super noob. Before yesterday I never heard of Filemaker but have a lot of experience in DB management with other programs.


I have two tables, contacts and Software. I created and ID number for each employee. in the software table I created ten fields (Assigned user1, Assigned user2, Assigned user3, Ect...) When contact is associated with that software I enter their ID into one of the usable fields. (Im sure there is a better way to this and am open to suggestions).


I want a portal in the contact table to display software associated with that contact. I tried to create a relationship but I can't figure out how to pull the record if the employ ID matches any of the 10 "Associated User" fields. Please let me know how I can make this work. I have been learning so much and I literally have to stop everything because I can't grasp my head around a solution, LoL. Thanks in advance.