Moving a Database with Externally Stored Files

Discussion created by maddie on Jan 12, 2016

I have a database that has externally stored files, and I'd like to move them to a new server as the server they're on currently is 3+ years old and needs to be retired.


They have over 13GB worth of files in their system, and removing the external storage will take too long to make the files local on the database, and certainly longer when creating a zipped copy on my desktop to upload it to the new server.


Is there an easier way to transfer the database and files without making the files local inside the database or importing the files when the database is on the new server?


I was thinking of keeping the files external and create a recent copy of their database on my desktop, then upload that to the new server, compress and download the files, unzip the folder and upload one file to the correct record to create the file path on the server (ex. FileMaker Server > Data > Databases > RC_Data_FMS > Dalez Cardz > Dalez Cardz > Attachments > Attach ), then when the file path is created, drag and drop the remaining attachments into the folder. Would that work?