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    Import: Refining the process


      I'm developing a standalone solution where users will exchange files are in tables with the following 1 to many relationships:

      Patient < Calc < IO < FeedsUsed

      Customise < Calc


      All tables are related by UUIDs so these can potentially used for match records.


      I'd like to update existing records and add any new ones. To do this do I update matching records for each table the re-run import adding records for each table? From the FM description of the process I wasn't sure how to achieve this.

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          Say you want to import to the Patient table ...

          1.  Navigate to a layout based on the Patient table.

          2.  If you want to update a selected set of records find those - otherwise make sure you select all records.

          3.  File menu > Import Records > from file.

          4.  You will get a dialog box to allow you select the file you are importing from.  Click Open.

          5.  You will get a dialog window entitled "Import Field Mapping" (see screenshot - my example uses contact table).

          Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 10.30.04 PM.png


          6.  Make sure you have the source table in your source file (where the data is coming from) correct, and the source table in the target should be the Patient table.

          7.  In the "Arrange by:" dropdown you probably want to select matching names as a starting point.

          8.  Then select a field to match on - usually a primary key field (a field that has a unique identifier for each record).

          9.  Select which fields you are going to import data from and to.  Move the target fields up and down to line them up against the correct source fields.

          10.  On the Import Action radio buttons choose "Update matching records in found set".

          11.  Tick the checkbox for "Add remaining data as new records.

          12.  Double check everything before you hit import!!!!

          Hope this helps.  Chris

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            Thank you, a useful summary. I think my problems were most that I only needed to have 2 tables as 'matching'. Also I needed to avoid 'checking' the auto-enter box, rather keep the values imported.