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    "Hide object when" not evaluating


      Hello all,


      I'm at a loss ... A simple "hide object when" condition is not always evaluating on one of the layouts I'm using. That is, it is evaluating correctly if I log into the database as "admin", but it doesn't if I login as a "user". Users have a different privilige set defined, and it is precisely on the "Get (ActivePriviligeSetName)" that the hide condition is based. Admin, of course, has the Full Access privilege set applied. Monitoring the value for the "Get(ActivePriviligeSetName)" value through data viewer display the correct name. There's no typo's or whatsoever, and "refresh window" nor "refresh object" will force the layout object (tested several different ones : text block, field, radio button set, etc.) to disappear ...

      Any light in these dark days ?!
      Thanks beforehand, happy new year !



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          Did you start using Find mode? There is a separate option to evaluate hide criteria in Find mode and I've been bitten by it in the past...

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            Hi. What's your exact hide calculation?

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              Probably do, at any moment during the extensive complex scripts that lead to display of the layout concerned. Hard to believe though that this problem would only be brought about in certain priviligesets, and  not in others ... I'll try to dive into the Find mode hide criteria evaluation stuff. I've not seen those before. So, thank you for suggesting; I'll keep you  posted,


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                Thanks for reacting !

                I've tried several. I'd like it to be this : Events::EventStatus ≠ "Maintenance", but I've also tried evaluation of : Get ( CurrentPrivilegeSetName ) = "INTRA_iRCM", which actually presents a workaround. The first condition functions as expected when logged in as "admin", but doesn't when logged as a user.

                I line with the suggestion blind, I'll activate the "Apply in Find mode" to see whether that changes anything. As said, I'll keep you posted !


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                  Ooops ...

                  Maybe I should have told you before, but actually, turns out I'm pretty stupid !

                  What happened is the following : I'm developing on a nice and shiny MacPro (FM Pro Advanced v13/14), and run a Filemaker server (v13) for the obvious purposes. On a second machine (an older MacPro) I troubleshoot and test, most often logged in as a "User". It so happens that, for one reason or another, Filemaker Pro v12 was launched from that computer, and I believe that the option of hiding objects was not yet available in the older versions (before 13) ... Gee, I didn't even realise that FM12 could actually access and open the stuff !!!

                  A lot of fuzz around not much, finally. I'm really sorry to have solicited you for this (and happy I found the solution) !

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                    Hi Jan,


                    just a note about "Hide object when". For the object to hide or appear, it needs to be refreshed, that's when the calculation is done. The best thing to do is to give a name to the object with a "Hide object when" condition and use the Refresh Object script step so  the object will be hidden or not after a condition is changed.