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"Hide object when" not evaluating

Question asked by jabs.far on Jan 13, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2016 by planteg

Hello all,


I'm at a loss ... A simple "hide object when" condition is not always evaluating on one of the layouts I'm using. That is, it is evaluating correctly if I log into the database as "admin", but it doesn't if I login as a "user". Users have a different privilige set defined, and it is precisely on the "Get (ActivePriviligeSetName)" that the hide condition is based. Admin, of course, has the Full Access privilege set applied. Monitoring the value for the "Get(ActivePriviligeSetName)" value through data viewer display the correct name. There's no typo's or whatsoever, and "refresh window" nor "refresh object" will force the layout object (tested several different ones : text block, field, radio button set, etc.) to disappear ...

Any light in these dark days ?!
Thanks beforehand, happy new year !