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    Access Denied error in FileMaker Server 14v4


      I have had a few (maybe 4 customers in total so far) that have now reported to me that FileMaker Pro or FileMaker Go is displaying an "Access Denied" or no privileges error seemingly randomly occurring during their use of the program. 


      It can occur anywhere between 0 and 5 times per day, and the only way to return to normal function is to quit the application and reopen the files.  All customers are using the same solution, but any customer that has experienced this error have recently updated to FileMaker Server 14v4.  All other customers using this solution appear unaffected.


      What happens:


      - The customer typically looks back to the solution (brings it to the front or clicks somewhere), and some fields on the layout display <No Access>

      - Any clicks on any field or button will then display an "Access Denied" error... the solution appears totally locked.

      - The fields that display <No Access> appear totally random (no common factor - they could be mismatch of local or related fields, some calcs, some plain text or number fields), while other fields on the same layout display the fields correctly


      Other observations so far:


      - One of the customers is also receiving the error on computers using FileMaker Pro 12 (hosted by server 14v4), but this FMP version is not used by the other affected customers.

      - It is occurring in different privilege sets

      - Energy Saver settings appear ok with the computers set to never sleep

      - fmreatuthenticate settings do not appear to be a factor based on the security settings (not relevant to privilege sets being used or client app version)

      - It seems to occur on any OS so far (Windows, Mac OS X 10.10.5, Mac OS X 10.11.2, and iOS 9+)

      - It seems to be occurring less often and easier to resolve for one customer after they updated to OS X El Capitan and I reinstalled FMS14v4

      - I have not had the error reported by any customers using earlier versions of FileMaker Server, including FMS 14v1 to 14v3

      - The error also appears on my own development machine (Mac OS X 10.11.2, FMS 14v4, FMP 14v4)

      - It seems to present most commonly after a possible idle period or when returning to FileMaker from another application, but I can't be certain of this (it only occurs once or twice on my computer per day, and other customers tend to be quickly quit and reopen FileMaker to resolve).

      - Evidence so far doesn't seem to show any consistency with respect to the window that is open at the time of the error.


      On my own machine, I reverted to a much older version of the interface file (in a solution using separation model) and also completed a consistency check and recovery on the current version of the interface file to look for potential errors in the file that would have been sent to my customers, but no errors were uncovered, and when uploaded to FMS 14v4, both interface files were still affected by the same error.  The same problem has also occurred once on a totally separate FileMaker solution.

      As above, the only common pattern I can see is that all affected customers have updated to FMS 14v4, but it occurred for at least one of those customers while they were still using Mac OS X 10.10.5.  Other client connections are being affected (iPad, Windows, Mac clients) and the solution itself doesn't appear to be the problem.

      I'm dying to know if anyone else is seeing this, and if anyone has an answer to this issue!?

      Cheers, Stephen Sexton

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          Thank you for your post.


          From your description, it sounds like FileMaker Pro has dropped a connection to a database file and is having problems reconnecting to those files.


          Can you verify that the fields that display <No Access> are fields from a different table than the layout default?


          When reconnecting, FileMaker Pro will try to use the current active credentials (user name and password).  If the privileges don't allow editing of a field in the second file, then you would receive an <Access Denied> message.


          Since this worked fine in FileMaker Server 14.0.1 to 14.0.3, try reinstalling full FileMaker Server 14.0.4.  That is, don't install a previous version and apply an update.  Download and install FileMaker Server 14.0.4.


          Check also in Admin Console -> Database Server -> FileMaker Clients

          ... and see if "Set maximum idle time allowed for FileMaker clients (minutes)" is checked, and if so, what is that number?


          Keep me updated with any progress.



          FileMaker, Inc.

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            I just checked the Database Server -> FileMaker Clients setting on my own server and the "Set maximum idle time allowed for FileMaker Clients (minutes)" checkbox is already unchecked.  I will be able to check this on a customers server shortly also.  The fields that display <No Access> are a mix of fields that belong to the layout default and fields that belong to related table occurrences.  Some of these fields are number or text fields, and some are calculations - i.e. I could not see a pattern here.  I can't see how the current active credentials could have changed.  Basic scripts that do not require access to the main data file also would not work, and it has occurred at least on some occasions when using a privilege set that has access to all fields in the data file as well access to the affected layouts in the interface file.  I will try to reinstall FMS14v4 (full) on at least a couple of servers this morning and get back to you.  However, it could be a couple of days before I would be confident that it has worked, as the error occurs anywhere between 0-5 times per day, but usually at least once every 2 days.

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              Thank you for the additional information.


              There were a couple of issues reported with using the FileMaker Server 14.0.4 update, but they were mainly centered around Web Publishing Engine not starting under certain conditions, so I don't think the update will make a difference, but having a full installation will remove any doubt.


              Are you using any plug-ins?  Do you have any custom menus installed?  Are there any script steps that allow logging in under a different user name?  In essence, look for anything that may affect user access.


              Please continue to keep me updated.



              FileMaker, Inc.

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                I uninstalled, restarted machine, then reinstalled FMS 14v4 on 3 affected servers today, including my own. 


                I have not heard feedback from the other two customers as yet, but when I went to close a file on my development machine (where FMS is installed) at the end of the day the error appeared again... in this case, I did not see <No Access> displayed in any field, but the window that I was trying to close only had 5 or 6 fields on it.  There would have been a long idle period (probably an hour or longer) before the error, and I think the other affected customers seem confident that it occurs after a probable idle period.


                An error appeared ("Your access privileges do not allow you to perform this action") when I attempted to do anything on the window that ran a script - e.g. click on a different row (as it was in list view at the time) which runs OnRecordLoad script, click on a customised "Preview" button that runs a script, attempt to go to another layout (all performing scripts).


                The error did NOT occur if I clicked on buttons that were set to run a "Single Step" rather than "Perform Script".


                Due to the above and how the solution is designed, I could close the window, but then had to quit the application entirely and reopen (as the first window that opens only allows closing by running a script, and the error prevented this).


                In response to your latest questions:


                1. I am not using any plug-ins


                2. The script steps that allow logging in as a different user did not seem to be a factor as each affected customer (including myself) have reported not changing their login prior to the error.  I couldn't relogin as my "Relogin" button is a script with several steps (?), but I have now inserted a new button on a few windows on my own file for test purposes that involve the single step 'Relogin'.


                3. There is a custom menu set installed (slight modification of default menu, such as disallowing 'Delete All Records') unless using Full Access.  The file that is affected most on my machine tends to use a lower access privilege.  Another file (for development) probably rarely idles when it is open, and does not seem to be affected.


                So I'm still banging my head on this one... will have a closer look at an error concerning a PSOS step that I see in the Server status area on my file in the morning... but it seems the only link is still the timing of running these updates.  About 30 other customers have updated to FMS 14v4 also in the past 1 - 2 months, and I don't seem to be getting calls from them about this error (yet?).

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                  Thank you for the additional information.


                  If you are getting the error message "Your access privileges do not allow you to perform this action" when running a script, there is a script step that is trying to perform an action using the specified privilege set.  Try allowing the script to run with [Full Access] privileges.  In the screen shot below, you will see Script 1 has the [Full Access] icon on the right side.  To set this, right-click the script (as in Script 2 below), and a menu will appear with the option "Grant Full Access Privileges" (as highlighted in the screen shot.  See if this helps.


                  If you have FileMaker Pro Advanced, then another option would be to turn on the Script Debugger, and step through the script to see what script step is giving you the error message.



                  FileMaker, Inc.


                  Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 8.17.02 AM.png

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                    Thanks TSGal, I will explore (somehow) to see if this helps... but it seems that ALL scripts are affected, and as mentioned above, there is no user-related (or script-related) action that has changed the users login or privilege set.  There are very few scripts in the solution that can change the user's login (e.g. a couple of "Re-login" scripts only), and any privilege set being used by myself or the affected customers has always been able to perform basic scripts such as those that no longer work when the error appears.  This is why I originally thought there may be some type of corruption in the file... and I took steps to explore this possibility previously (revert to previous version, consistency check/recover) without success in resolving it.  Basically, the solution is being used successfully at one moment, then often followed by some length of idle period following no consistent last action (e.g. looking at records in a list or portal), then user clicks somewhere on the window to do something, and error appears. 


                    I will most likely post back after a bit more exploring and hopefully get feedback by the end of today from the two other main affected customers.

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                      Just an update on this issue... some progress is being made, in that it appears the issue may only be affecting one of the customised privilege sets in the solution.  Still having difficulty isolating the exact cause as there does not appear to be a definite idle period prior to each occurrence of the error, nor does it appear to be triggered by any consistent action.  I will post back when resolved.