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Calculate totals based on another set value

Question asked by hongman on Jan 13, 2016
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Cant seem to get this right!


I have 2 tables:


Operative Tracker:


ID #

Date (drop down)

Operative (drop down referring to Operative Database:Name Field)

Site (drop down, referring to Site List:Site Name Field)

Time Arrived

Time Depart

Total Hours



Site List, which consists of these fields:


ID #

Site Name

Site Address

Site Contact



So the idea is we can log what site each operative has attended and for how long, on a specific day.


I want to add a field on the Site List which will automatically calculate the total amount of hours registered against that specific site. So if I had 3 operatives on Site A for 10 hours it would show 30 hours. The next day if the same happened, 60 hours.

How do I do this?