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    Importing PDF's as layouts in Filemaker 12


      We have several PDFs with drop down menus- check boxes and fields that can be signed off electronically in outlook once individuals have the outlook certificates- that my Manager wants imported as layouts into Filemaker 12 - I've been told that I can only import these PDF's as background images - whcih really doesn't help much- if there a way around this so I don't have to recreate the PDFs as layouts- the only benefit that I see so far in doing this is that I can fill in the Project number and Project titale- we use Filemaker to keep track of marketing Jobs- it gives us a unique number to track the job with and we can also fill in part numbers

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          There are no tools I'm aware of that automate pulling a PDF in as a FileMaker layout. You can either put it on the background as an image (don't recommend), or you can build it using FileMaker tools. You're doing to need to put FileMaker fields on it anyway, if you want the data in the system.


          Not the answer you wanted, I know. But I think, in the long run, you'll be much better off with native FileMaker tools for performance purposes.