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I'm sure this has been asked a thousand times so please forgive the duplication.


There are only two tables (thus far):



Addresses  ( three fields:  _ID, desc and address)


I have a LabelSets table that I the user enters addresses in or, alternatively, lookup addresses from the addresses table.  Instead of just ONE field, there are actually 4 or more addresses that need to be filled out or looked up.  The addresses are used to create "label sets" for printing.  This is for printing labels for tax return preparation.  What you generally need to do is print mailing address labels, return address labels, and perhaps extension or estimate labels if you need to file these forms.  Rather than use Word to print these, I'm creating an FM solution that will be much more flexible and faster.


There is no reason for a permanent link between the addresses in the LabelSets and the Addresses table.


I do some programming in XOJO and what I would do there is just put a button next each address on the LabelSets window and use it to popup another window where they can scroll through, add or select an address that then populates the address field on the LabelSets window.  Of course, instead of looking up an address, they can enter it for those one-off occasions when the address won't be used again.


Would this be the same general procedure to use with FM or is there a better way or alternative way?