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spinning wheel while editing a record

Question asked by siplus on Jan 13, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2016 by Markus Schneider

Hi everybody.


Server windows, 32 GB RAM, 10 GB cache given to Filemaker Server 13 (cache hit is always 100%), 44 users (half Mac half Win) all on FMPro 13 (v5 Mac, v3 Win). 80 database files, some with several tables, some with just one. Disconnect when idle is set to 720 minutes.


User X on a Mac is editing a record (one record out of 90'000 found), has the cursor in a table’s field and writing text. Every minute or so, he gets a spinning wheel which lasts 9-12 seconds. He even gets the wheel while not doing anything…after the wheel, everything works again. Sometimes the text he typed appears, sometimes it's lost. The text field is not indexed and visual spell checking is unchecked.


User Y on a Win machine gets frozen, too, while editing another text field, in a different table located in a different database. He reports that "every 30 seconds I'm blocked for about 10 seconds, the screen becomes opaque and I'm getting a message about Filemaker not responding. There's also a big latency between pressing keys and having them appear on screen"


Additionally, in the log file I can find a dozen entries per day about users not answering any more and getting their connection closed (User Y was among those, today) although all of them were active.


No backups and no schedules are running while this happens.



Should I suspect a network problem, or something else ? Thank you for your thoughts.