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    Enter or No Enter?




      I am inserting from URL

      When I substitute "¶" with "", there is no change at all

      I tried different combinations (looks like there is a character not showing (like the ¶) but having the effect of a new paragraph.)

      I am not getting how is this ¶ interpreted in this text


      This is the text in details

      [and when I do a ValueCount, I get 200 ]


      In a field, I am getting this result:


      kind": "calendar#events",

      "etag": "\"12340791233000\"",


      "updated": "2016-01-11T22:19:51.233Z",

      "timeZone": "test",

      "accessRole": "owner",

      "defaultReminders": [ ......etc........


      In a variable, I am getting the result looking like being on the same line:


      kind": "calendar#events", "etag": "\"12340791233000\"", "summary": "jaskljakjsl", "updated": "2016-01-11T22:19:51.233Z", "timeZone": "test", "accessRole": "owner", "defaultReminders": [......etc........


      [but in fact, if I copy and paste, it will look like the first one]


      Does anyone knows how to remove the ¶ to be able to do my calculations?