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Question asked by ChrisG on Jan 13, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2016 by ChrisG

Dear FMP gurus,


I have been trying to show wether or not a menu item has been added to a user record by means of making the name of the menu item bold and changing the button icon from + to -.


I have three tables to do this. There is a user table, there is an available menu items table and there is a chosen menu items table.

The available menu items table shows up as a portal in the user table. Clicking on one of the available menu items creates a chosen menu items record.


I would like the text in the portal to become bold when a matching chosen menu item record has been created.

The relationships are as follows: The available menu items are related to the user record via a parent menu item of which there are 5. This allows 5 portals on the user record. Home menu options, Front desk menu options, etc.


When a chosen menu item record is created it is related to the available menus items via the name of the menu item. Essentially the available menu items is a join table between user and chosen menu items.

There is a user id number in the user table and also in the chosen menu items table. The chosen menu items are related to the user table via the user id field. This way each user gets his own menu. This is all working well, I am just struggling to provide user feedback in the available menu items portal which I believe to be the most elegant way of doing so.


Thank you


Chris G