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    User feedback


      Dear FMP gurus,


      I have been trying to show wether or not a menu item has been added to a user record by means of making the name of the menu item bold and changing the button icon from + to -.


      I have three tables to do this. There is a user table, there is an available menu items table and there is a chosen menu items table.

      The available menu items table shows up as a portal in the user table. Clicking on one of the available menu items creates a chosen menu items record.


      I would like the text in the portal to become bold when a matching chosen menu item record has been created.

      The relationships are as follows: The available menu items are related to the user record via a parent menu item of which there are 5. This allows 5 portals on the user record. Home menu options, Front desk menu options, etc.


      When a chosen menu item record is created it is related to the available menus items via the name of the menu item. Essentially the available menu items is a join table between user and chosen menu items.

      There is a user id number in the user table and also in the chosen menu items table. The chosen menu items are related to the user table via the user id field. This way each user gets his own menu. This is all working well, I am just struggling to provide user feedback in the available menu items portal which I believe to be the most elegant way of doing so.


      Thank you


      Chris G

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          Chris, can you add a screenshot?

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            Hi Daniel, thanks for your response.

            I think my screen shot will not provide anymore clarity. I think if I phrase my question a bit better it might make more sense.


            Tables: Users, AvailableBeverages, UserSelectedBeverages.


            1. On the user interface there is a portal showing records. These portal records are a list of available beverages.

            2. Each user sees the same list of available beverages but not everyone will select the same beverages.

            3. If user Dave, clicks on "Tea, Coffee, Soda and Milk", 4 UserSlectedBeverage records will be created for Dave. On Dave's user interface, in the portal showing the list of beverages, "Tea, Coffee, Soda and Milk will now be highlighted to denote that these beverages have already been selected by Dave.

            4. User, Tom also sees the same portal showing the list of beverages, but none are highlighted until he makes his selection.


            I can make all of this work except for the highlighting of already selected beverages.

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              You could create a text field in the Users table that stores the IDs of the selected beverages.  Using that field (Users::selected) you could create a conditional format that highlights the portal row.  It also requires some modest scripting.


              Take a look at the attached file and see if that helps.

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                Hello Daniel,


                Thank you so much for your sample file. I will implement it this weekend and let you know how I go.

                Once again, thank you, I really appreciate this.


                Best  regards


                Chris Gippert

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                  You bet.  Good luck!

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                    OK, user feedback is implemented and working. The little trick of storing the ID's of selected beverages in a field in the user layout and comparing them to the ID's of beverages available in the portal in order to highlight, is just what I needed. As with any good solution it is simple and elegant and leaves me with the feeling: "Why didn't I think of that?"


                    Thank you Daniel