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    WebDirect launch page slow to load on Windows OS only


      I have been searching the discussions board but cannot find anyone else with this problem.


      I have a problem with WebDirect loading on Windows machines.  This problem is not with my layout designs as it happens before you even log into a database.  When you browse to the WebDirect home(launch) page the page briefly displays with the FileMaker logo and the available databases.  The screen then goes white with the loading wheel for about 30 seconds before displaying the page properly.


      This happens on both the LAN and WAN.   My original server deployment was 1 machine so I changed this to a 2 machine deployment and upgraded both servers to 14.0.4 but this didn't resolve the issue.


      Even stranger is the fact that this issue only seems to effect Windows machines, and on any browser (Chrome, Firefox, IE).  If you browse to the page on a MAC with Safari (or even Chrome!!) it loads up fine.   It also loads fine on iPhone and iPad through Safari.


      I am pulling what little hair I have out here trying to fix this.   I need to be able to provide read only access for a customer to one of our databases and I don't think telling them that they'll have to use a MAC is really acceptable!!!



      Can anyone help me?

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          Are you only using a single windows machine to test, or are you testing with another windows machine as well?


          Chrome has a developers tool called "timeline" that will show you a breakdown of what is causing the page to load slowly. I'd imagine it has something to do with the way your windows machine is configured, such as antivirus or browser security plugins. I would record the actions of connecting and see what takes the longest time.


          WebDirect responds pretty much the same to all browser requests, any incompatibilities are usually a result of the browser not being able to parse the code correctly (EG IE6 doesn't support HTML5). So identifying what's different about the browser is the key.


          Another thought is that possible the DNS server your windows machine is using is slow. Are you connecting via the IP address?

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            Thanks Mike I've found the culprit.   Sophos Anti Virus!


            Disabled on access scanning on my machine and some other windows machines and the page loads fine.   Wonder if there are other anti virus that affect it in this way.   


            Can't believe I didn't try that earlier.  I'd done the usual disabling Windows Firewall.



            Thanks again!

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              Sure, it's a good reminder at least to check things out on the system.


              Not familiar with sophos, but most AV programs have a whitelist that you can add to bypass filtering.