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Using a button over an object to "block" the object behind: click goes through the blocking button

Question asked by planteg on Jan 13, 2016
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it was hard to name the questions in fewer words !


I have a button bar at the top of my layout and wants to disable it in some circumstances: that is the user is not allowed to click on a different button. I have done this by having a single large button over the button bar to appear in order to capture the click instead of the button bar. That works fine.


I tried to do the same with a portal, having a button over the width of the row appears for all rows but the current row: I don't want the user to select another row until he is finished. But this time that doesn't work: when I click on a row with the blocking button over, I get the same result as if there were no button over and I would click right on the row. The blocking button action is set to a script that does nothing. I added Beep to the script: when I click the blocking button, I hear the Beep and then the event is sent to the portal row .


How come is the click event received by the row  ?


Thanks for your help.