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Scripting in FMP 12 - Learning curve?

Question asked by baytonemus on Jan 14, 2016

Greetings -


Longtime FIleMaker user here, but have never ventured into any scripting. I'm the director of a non-profit that uses QuickBooks Online for our bookkeeping. I was frustrated with the limits that QBO has for customer information, so we started using a donor management module/app designed to sync with QBO. This tool has been so clunky and unintuitive that I decided to see if there was any way to sync FM with QBO.


There is a company making a product called fmQBO designed to do just that. However, it requires the ability to write or at least adapt FM scripts. I've just started looking into this, but I'm concerned about the learning curve required to get up to the necessary level to do this competently (and securely). I could assign this to our administrative assistant, but she has no database experience. She's young and very computer-savvy, however.


I'd appreciate any advise from scripting gurus on this list. Thanks