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Printing/PDF from interactive content (PDF) in Container with overlay of FileMaker fields

Question asked by nutsonshells on Jan 14, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 20, 2016 by TSGal

Hi There,


I am trying to create a database for incoming invoices.

Invoice arrives as PDF by email and is dropped into a interactive content container field.

Each invoice needs to be coded and I have created a number of fields in Filemaker in the same record as the invoice container field.


Now I want to either Print or PDF the invoice from the container field with an overlay of my coding fields.


Problem A:

I created a layout with just the container field on it in A4 size but when I go in Preview mode, the PDF doesn't show and doesn't print or PDF, I just get a white screen. It does show in Browse mode, but the PDF is not resizing to the container field size, even though the field settings say "Reduce image to fit"

Problem B:

When I overlay the coding fields, they won't show in browse mode. I made sure I have stacked them in front of the container field.

When I go in Preview mode, I can see my coding fields, but the PDF is not showing, just blank.

I have read a lot of forums, but I can't find a solution for this. I have previously insert PDFs in a layout and added fields on top, but I can't do this, since the PDF is not a form but an invoice, so I need to use a Container.

Anybody an idea how I can solve this problem?


kind regards