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Invoice Numbers

Question asked by shaunstruik on Jan 13, 2016
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Im a little bit new to development. Im trying to come up with a customised, sequential invoice number.


1: I want to start it with "VES"

2: I want to pull the location code of the employee entering the invoice from the employee card Employee Details::Business Unit Code

3: I want a dash "-"

4: I want a 6 digit sequential invoice number staring with 000000

5: Int will look like VES3-000001, VES3-000002, VES3-000003 etc


What is the best function to do this?


The other hurdle I have is in the std script in the invoices start solution, It doesn't take into account the employee code when you select the customer off the invoice pay. What do I need to add and where in that script to account for the Employee Details::Business Unit Code?


Thanks advance