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    Popover title bar calculation does not refresh


      Product and version FileMaker Go 14.0.4

      OS and version iOS 9.2

      Browser and version \

      Hardware iPad Air 2

      Description In the popover you have the ability to determine the title bar with a predefined calculation. This title bar does not get refresh whatever option you try

      How to replicate place inside a popover title bar a simple calculation based on a the value of the field. Ex: If ( field="A" ; "First title"; "Second title" ). When you change the value of this field the popover title does not get refreshed. Important is that you keep the popover open so use a button with a script attached that changes the value of the field. When adding one of the following commands inside that same script

      - refresh object (popover name)

      - refresh window (flush cached...)

      the popover title bar gets unchanged.


      A. Close popover and re-open does the job.

      B. Place the field where the calculation is based on inside the popover and alter the field manually (important to change it manually, if done by a script it does not work)