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certificate error prevents access to FileMaker Server 14 Admin Console

Question asked by lsherich on Jan 15, 2016

We have a 2-server windows setup - using the Database server for Tech Dept client access and WebDirect for all teacher/administrator access.  We wanted to get a custom certificate for our site and followed the documentation (which was very clear) and sent a CSR to GoDaddy from the Database server.  It turns out that we really needed to send it from the WebDirect server.  After going through the process of revoking the first certificate and requesting another from the WebDirect Server, we then got the WebDirect server running properly with the certificate.  Both servers have been restarted.


The problem - I'm not able to access Admin Console from my computer's web browser anymore.  It has always showed the "There's a problem with this website's security certificate . . .", but I still could get in by clicking on "Continue to this webpage (not recommended)".  I can use Remote Desktop Connect to log onto the database server and can access the Admin Console through http://localhost:16001/admin-console, but would prefer to access from a browser on my computer as I've done forever.


Is it possible that the original CSR files on the Database server are causing this problem?  Can I remove them without blowing out everything which would be a major problem as we're running our school district's Help Desk, User Mgmt, Tech Purchasing, Teacher Evaluation, etc. systems which cannot go down?