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set the value of a new field based on searching a checkbox field

Question asked by ramonadorsey on Jan 14, 2016
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I am fairly new/novice to filemaker development. I have a checkbox field with several values of items a customer can request. For example (consult, books, articles, seminar, cd, kit, newsletter, raffle, booklet, other).  However, I want to report on what the client requested in only 4 categories - consult, article, seminar and other.  Therefore, I would like to have a new field called client requested category and set the value of this field based on searching the checkbox field.  If consult is in the checkbox field then the client requested category will be consult, otherwise if article then client requested category is article, if seminar, then client requested category is seminar,  any other item request puts the client requested category as other.


now say a customer has checkboxes selected for consult, article, seminar and a book - that customer would only be categorized to consult.

if customer does not have consult check but has seminar, article and book - that customer would be categorized to a seminar

if a customer has article and book and any other item - customer would be categorized to article

any other value - gets categorized to other.


Any assistance or direction on this will be greatly appreciated. 


Thanks in advance