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Needing help with adding dividers to a print body.

Question asked by AdamHorne on Jan 14, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2016 by mobilesimmo

I'm trying to do something that seems rather simple, but I'm having problems.





I'd like to simply add some vertical dividers to a print layout.




I'm using (5) merge fields to display data.  (1) merge field under each section (Equipment, Description, Total Ord., etc)




I currently have <<barcodeListDisplay Copy>> set to Sliding up based in: All obejects above and to Resize enclosing part.


I've tried drawing lines and applying the same position settings as the merged fields but that isn't working.  Regardless of how big  <<barcodeListDisplay Copy>> field is, it will not resize with the a Line drawn divider.  So Items where I only need a single line will remain large and take up white space.


I've also tried applying the borders to the fields, but it didn't give me the desired results. 


I hope I made this clear.


Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.