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    Needing help with adding dividers to a print body.


      I'm trying to do something that seems rather simple, but I'm having problems.





      I'd like to simply add some vertical dividers to a print layout.




      I'm using (5) merge fields to display data.  (1) merge field under each section (Equipment, Description, Total Ord., etc)




      I currently have <<barcodeListDisplay Copy>> set to Sliding up based in: All obejects above and to Resize enclosing part.


      I've tried drawing lines and applying the same position settings as the merged fields but that isn't working.  Regardless of how big  <<barcodeListDisplay Copy>> field is, it will not resize with the a Line drawn divider.  So Items where I only need a single line will remain large and take up white space.


      I've also tried applying the borders to the fields, but it didn't give me the desired results. 


      I hope I made this clear.


      Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.