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Auto-enter calculation, replace existing value from remote table?

Question asked by StylisticGambit on Jan 14, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2016 by StylisticGambit

Imagine a field called FIELD in a table called TABLE1.

TABLE1 is related to TABLE2 via some other field besides FIELD.  Inside TABLE2 there are many, many calculation fields that all depend on the value in TABLE1::FIELD.

Here's the problem: those calculation fields inside TABLE2 must all be unstored, and performing a Find or running an ExecuteSQL query against any one of them is slooooow!

So, I'd like to find a way to speed things up.  My thought is to create a FIELD table inside TABLE2 that would would be populated based on the value in TABLE1::FIELD.  Now, all of the unstored calculation fields inside TABLE2 that depend on TABLE1::FIELD can be pointed to TABLE2::FIELD instead.  I can index those calculations, and everything should be must faster.

Is it possible to create TABLE2::FIELD so that it will auto-update against TABLE1::FIELD?  Or, do you have any other suggestions for this situation?