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    Synaptic Touchpad Freeze Windows 10 and FileMaker 14

      This freeze has occured many times and i have tried eliminating various possible factors such as closing Chrome, turning off my WiFi, closing plugins, etc.


      It occurs under very specific conditions:


      • Layout mode
      • Locked menu bar buttons in the Bottom or Top Navigation area
      • Select this menu bar using CTRL+Shift+Option+L


      As soon as I click on the locked menu button bar, the Synaptics Touchpad 64 bit produces an error and wants to save a file.


      Touch Pad Diagnostics.png


      This file is quite long and boring... 

      I have a dozen or more of these files saved.


      The resulting symptoms can be unresponsive keyboard which will no longer enter data in FileMaker. Today the scroll button on the mouse didn't work. If I close FileMaker and reopen things return to normal.


      The FileMaker hot keys seem to trigger the problem. It doesn't occur elsewhere although there are reports of a similar problem on the Internet not involving FileMaker. I use Snaggit 12 and have undone any hot key sequences.


      As long as I don't keystroke the Unlock hotkeys, the problem doesn't occur. Chrome is open, could their be a conflict?

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          Thank you for your post.


          I do not have access to a Synaptics Touchpad.  Still, using FileMaker Pro 14.0.4 under Windows 10, when I select a locked Button bar in either the Top Navigation or Bottom Navigation parts, pressing Ctrl-Shift-Alt-L unlocks the Button bar.  Therefore, for clarification, can you verify that this issue does not occur when you disable/uninstall the Synaptics Touchpad?



          FileMaker, Inc.

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            After further testing per your request it appears the issue is not limited

            to Filemaker but the key combo ShiftCtrlAlt+L which FileMaker uses seems

            to cause the alert dialog and crash report. This occurs when FileMaker is

            closed and after a reboot without opening FileMaker.


            I disabled Synaptic in the Mouse control panel in Windows 10 and this crash

            report continues to popup when I use this key combo.


            Don't know if this is FileMaker related or if it is just a coincidence that

            FIleMaker uses this combo which causes the error report. I am inclined to

            believe it is a coincidence rather than FileMaker related.

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              Problem with Synaptec resolved, sadly.


              Researching the problem it seems that Synaptec uses ShiftAltL to open the

              log dialog I described. It isn't smart enough, it seems, to notice I used

              CTRLSHIFALT+L and that combo will also open the dialog. Irritating...


              There's a solution posted on Microsoft but that requires messing with the

              registry so I guess I will use the menu item for those rare times I need

              it...  Then again they may fix it since everyone hates it.


              Thanks for trying...


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