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Good Morning...


I have a simply database model that creates an inventory list for a project.  Items that can be added to the inventory include <model_base> which then generate a value list of <model_customized> choices. 


I need some help conceptualizing the numbers and quantities.


I have a portal in the PROJECT layout.


How does one calculate the running total for <model_base>, dependent on the sum of the <model_customized> quantities?


So that if I add  records


<inventory_item-1008> and select <model_base-1000 Barcelona Chair> and <model_customized Barcelona Chair (green)>  ; quantity: 2

<inventory_item-1009> and select <model_base-1001 Wassily Chair> and <model_customized Wassily Chair (green)>  ; quantity: 3


The total quantity for


<model_base for Barcelona Chair> should be 6

<model_base for Wassily Chair> should be 9