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Best Practice: Code vs. ID?

Question asked by rmittelman on Jan 15, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2016 by srzuch

I'm beginning the process of re-writing an existing Access application in FileMaker 14, and could use a bit of guidance.  The application manages student funding.


Schools table has fields like Name, FullName, etc.

"UCLA", "University of California, Los Angeles"

"USC", "University of Southern California"


Students table has fields like SSN, Name, etc.

"123456789", "John Smith"

"987654321", "Jane Doe"


The first question is whether I should use auto-number IDs in addition to the Name and SSN fields?  While I don't really need them, would they help speed up relationships and downloading lists of records when I move the application to Server?  In case I use HyperList, would it function better using a numeric ID?  When I choose a school, the application would need to download a list of hundreds or thousands of students to display in the UI.


The second question is about storage of calculated fields.  In what conditions is it better to not store at all, and when is it better to store them?  I'm guessing things like formatted phone numbers and formatted names or SSN's wouldn't need to be stored, right?  But what if I need to use a formatted field in a relationship or sort by it?