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    How to relate tables


      I want to create "event notes" for events which customers have that relate to that particular event. I have tables: customers, events, notes (plus others not relevant here). I have related events and notes and made a script to create a new note for that event only, but the result is not what I want. I have a portal with the event notes and want the script to show the event and who for, and then allow me to write the note in the portal.


      It creates a new portal row and pastes an event id BUT increments the id by one???  I have related the tables via the ID key in CustomerEvents and CustomerEventskf in EventNotes, and also via the Customerfk in both.


      I want to be able to pull up only notes relevant to a particular event for each customer. Somehow I am all confused.





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          Here is one way to do it:


          Table: Event

          Field: EventID, auto enter serial


          Table: Notes

          Field: EventID (no options set)


          Relationship graph relate EventID to EventID and set "Allow creation of new records" on the Notes side.


          Now you can have a notes portal and just type in it and the EventID in notes will auto populate.

          You could then filter that portal by customer to see only notes for that event and customer...