Windows 10 vs Database Security

Discussion created by disabled_JackRodgers on Jan 15, 2016

I began reading what's on the Internet about Windows 10 and its data scraping capabilities. It seems the default install is to capture as much private information as is possible (to sell it to others?) and the information transmitted is eye opening.


The camera is set to on and can be used by various applications.

The microphone is set to on, etc.

Data can be captured and transmitted to Microsoft


AND>>> Your computer can be used to push Microsoft downloads to others on your network AND to others on the Internet. Sounds like an old time virus to me...  The problem with this is that these downloads have caused Internet slowdowns and even FileMaker conflicts. I've come to expect that when FileMaker begins acting up a Microsoft update is downloading. A computer running a database cannot afford these interruptions.


Start here to learn more about how Microsoft's FREE Windows 10 may be more expensive than we realize:



Perhaps all of this data scraping from our computers and the transmission of all of the data to Microsoft and others is causing conflicts with FileMaker. Some of the articles describing what Microsoft is doing also tend to make me think they might be violating our security. Hm, Cortana just popped up for some unknown reason...


I am definitely uncomfortable with using some of the 'free if you let us access all of your text files" IOS keyboards and now Windows 10 is making me feel the same.


Our personal information is the product these days and how we pay for all of these free things.


We used to worry about a keylogger but now that keylogger is Microsoft and Apple and every free app.