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    Problem caused by identical contacts


      We have sales people (Account Managers) . The contacts of our AM's are uploaded in the system. AM's can have the same contact. The system recognizes  that and attaches the same ID to this contact but with a different AM code. So far so good.

      However, the problem arises when we want to e-mail our company contacts. Of course we don't want to send multiple mails to the same contact. The whole system uses the ID number as basis, so also for our e-mail selection.


      Tried to attach a tag number to each record (so that i could un-double, but that doesn't work (of course-stupid me) because the ID is the basis,

      so you can't delete (for example) just 2 of the  3 occurrences.


      I can think of only 2 possible solutions (but i am just an amateur :-)


      1. Save the contents of the mailing records to a separate file (without any relationships) and un-double that and use that file as a basis for the mailing.


      2. Find a way to attach a number for each LINE (not record) so that you can un-double that. (the numbers are not double but can be deleted for the double items and therefore you can select un-doubled records). Problem: I don't know how to do that (how to avoid the record/ID trap).


      Because 1 is a lot of work (not in itself, but many scripts related to mailings would need to be changed then),


      Q1: is there any better way than 1 or 2?


      Q2: if not, is option 2 possible at all and if so, how to do that?


      Any insight highly appreciated! Thanks.

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          Markus Schneider

          in general, I recommend to have the very same contact only one time in the db. AM stuff can be handeled in related tables


          since the situation is as it is, You could get a virtual list, ie using SQL ('select distinct' will get no doublettes). You get the records in a (large) text block that can be used to create individual records in a helper table (using FileMaker's list functions) - for creating mailings.


          there is more info available for virtual list with FileMaker, needs some 'browsing/studying'

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            thanks Marcus I will have a look at virtual tables. I also agree with your

            general remark but that would mean a general overhaul. something for the