Pop-up menu to display month as 'mmm-yyyy' chronologically

Discussion created by nickausaus on Jan 17, 2016
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I think I'm missing something simple here so apologies in advance.

I have a layout on which I want the user to be able to select from a pop-up menu based on month names (e.g. Jan-2015, Feb-2015)


I have a table with the end of month value stored (e.g. 31-Jan-2015, 28-Feb-2015) and calculating a text result field to get Jan-2015, Feb-2015 etc (Months Short)


When I setup the pop-up menu, values are sorted alphabetically (so Apr-2006, April-2007, Apr-2009) instead of Apr-2006, May-2006, Jun-2006.


I've tried setting up a value list with a second field, but once I select to 'show only values from second field' , I cannot select to sort based on First Field (screen attached). Therefore the end result is the same.


Anyone come across this before or have some trick to get around it?

It seems very simple but I can't get the behaviour I want, which is a chronologically sorted list of months :S


PS. I have changed the date settings in Inspector but that doesn't seem to affect what it displayed in the list (which is what is stored).