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    PDF keeps wanting to open/save?


      Basically in my Filemaker I have a Image database where I drop my drawings, and they are matched with a part number, so when you search you can see the image.


      But for some reason it wont let me do that anymore it just instantly comes up with 'Do you want to open or save this file?'


      I don't want to do either I just want to view it from the database.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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          I changed computers and upgraded to FileMaker 16 and am having this same issue. Anyone know what caused the change or how to reverse it?


          In this case, its with PDFs. When landing on a layout with a PDF stored in a Container field (with container data stored externally), I'd like the user to see a thumbnail of the PDF, like before. But instead there is a popup window that says:


          File Download

          Do you want to open or save this file?

          Name: ....

          Type: ....

          From: ....


          With the choices Open, Save and Cancel.


          Also, whichever the user selects, there is no thumbnail.