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How do I sort on the second word in a field?

Question asked by UnionGuy on Jan 15, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2016 by UnionGuy

I have a field for Last Names, but some people have two last names and they are not hyphenated, and they want to use the second name as their last name. For example, Debby Smith Jones has "Smith Jones" as her last name, but our company sorts it on "Jones." I want my database to match the company's, so I need to sort her last name on Jones, not Smith, but still keep her entire last name as Smith Jones. I do not want an extra field or script to sort all the names. Remember Appleworks? I could just use the Option-Space character between Smith and Jones and that would tell the database to sort on the next word. Ah, I miss Appleworks, even with its limitations...  Thanks for the help.