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Copy from Preview to Container field Windows OS Issue

Question asked by fmpdan on Jan 17, 2016

On Mac you can copy from preview mode and paste it into a container field and it automatically pastes it as a PDF. I have a client who’s runtime solution has used this for awhile. Now he want to do the same thing in runtime for windows. However it looks like Windows does not convert to PDF the same way and the file FileMaker writes with "export field contents” it does not work. The file will not open says it damaged or not proper format.


I can’t find a list of scripts that are comparable in runtime in FileMaker 13 and 14 to see if save as PDF has been enable. That would solve the issue. But assuming that has not changed from 12 does anyone have an idea how to accomplish this? I would prefer to do it without a plugin but if not other way we could consider it.