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slow Database opening (4 minutes)  between Windows2012R2 with FMS14v4 ODBC to Oracle 12C?

Question asked by thehippy on Jan 18, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2016 by wimdecorte


We have recently upgraded our Student information system that runs on an Oracle database from version 11g to 12c. We have a Filemaker v13 server database with an ODBC connection to that Oracle database. When we opened the 11g version it took only 10 seconds to open the student database in Filemaker. Now opening the same database in Filemaker takes 4 minutes. We see that it now wants all the tables and on the Oracle server the processor goes to 100% when opening. When de database is opened, it works like normal again. We have tried the 12.1 ODBC drivers, but same problem persists. We also have tried Filemaker 14v4 server, but same problem persist. The Oracle database is on bare metal, the Filemaker servers are in VMware 5.x.




Anyone got an idea what could cause the slow opening performance of the Database.




Thanks in advance