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FIAS PersistentID is different to FMGo's

Question asked by amallo on Jan 17, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2016 by jormond

I have an FM Go 14 solution that the users start from a launcher file. It then checks that the PersistentID of the iPhone is registered in the file on the FM13 server. If so the user is let in, if not they can send an email with the ID to request access.


When I wrapped the launcher file in the iOSAppSDK and tested the iOS app it wouldn't let me in and said my PersistentID wasn't registered. The email gave me a new PersistentID. When I registered the new one it all worked.


FileMaker help for PersistentID says:


Returns a unique, unchanging identifier for the computer on which FileMaker Pro is running, the device on which FileMaker Go is running, or the current FileMaker WebDirect session in the form of a 32-digit hexadecimal string. Get(PersistentID) helps you identify devices that access your solution."


I created a new iOS app with a new .fmp12 file in it and got the same result. ie it used the FIAS' PersistentID. I was wondering if it was behaving similar to WebDirect (changing each session), but it isn't. If I then use the non FIAS launcher file it uses the origin ID.


All the company's staff members will have to re submit this new ID and have an entry re-added in the backend.


How can a device have 2 unique device IDs?

When FMI fixes this which one will it drop?

Does anyone else get this issue?