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FMP13/Win10 - color=none is black in Printout

Discussion created by Benjamin Fehr on Jan 17, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2016 by Benjamin Fehr

Product and version:  FMP13.0.5

OS and version: Windows 10

Hardware: PC

Description: for 2-out-of-many Windows 10 users, color = none for a text appears black in printout

How to replicate: Use 2 different fields for different conditions and set ConditionalGraficAttribute IF (x= y) for one, and for the other field IF (x≠y). Both with attributes => text color = none  when IF condition is given.

Workaround: text/object color = none is a new function introduced with FMP 12 that never functioned. With FMP 13, a new function HideObject-IF was introduced.

I don't expect any fix with this since 'HideObject-IF' works flawless. We certainly don't wanna get reminded of that 'great effort' by SQA who let' pass a new function that never functioned (color still appears white instead of none even with current FMP 14).

Though please have this included  in your internal FMI Knowledge base which hopefully get's published to us one fine day:

Bug Report inventory AND Bug fix protocol by FMI