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    URL scheme for iOS Apps


      Hi all,


      I'm doing first tests with the new iOS SDK.

      In iOS App SDK Instructions one step is  "Step 11: Specify a URL scheme for your app".


      Does somebody know what to set up and how to get it work? 

      In Xcode I have setup the URL Type like shown on the screenshot.


      For my database locally used in FileMaker Go 14 I had used something like:

      "nmeaconnect://getvalues?values=" & Definitionen::NMEA_PGN &  "&launchurl=fmp://Logbook?script=GetNMEA2&param="

      What do I need to change to get it to work in my iOS App?


      Thanks for help



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          You need to add this block to the Info.plist file:


          Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 23.59.44.png

          Change FMLinea to your URL identifier



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            Thanks so much! My mistake was that the second field was not filled correct.

            Now it is working and I can connect to my app.



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              Mike Duncan

              Hi Almute,


              You might also consider abstracting out the scheme references in your FM code as well, to make it easier to use on either your custom app or FM Go. Perhaps set it to a global variable and reference like:


              $$URLSCHEME & "://the_rest_of_your_url_here" and so on...


              That would make it trivial to switch between the two.



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                Very good concept. I will do it like this.

                In any case there are a few things that need to be changed for the iOS App version.


                At the moment I sell a set of locally used databases directly from my shop for use in FM Go (and as runtime on Mac and Windows).

                Now I want to go to AppStore with my product.

                Unfortunately is looks that there is no connection to Dropbox for the iOS App. My customers use Dropbox for backup purposes.



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                  I just start to do similar thing and have not worked out the right way to config this.


                  Follow the instruction from iOS App SDK Instructions | FileMaker


                  Not sure what value to pick for these entries (identifer, URL schemes and role)

                  What should the right value for the Role entry? Would someone can advise on tihs?


                  Can I use fmtester for bother identifier and URL schemes? After then, can I just replace "FMP" with "fmtester" to make the url call correct? "fmtester://$/sourcefile?script=hello"

                  Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 12.48.45 pm.png



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                    Sorry for answering so late, but I didn't see your entry before.


                    For identifier it will be best to use the unique identifier of your app. The url scheme doesn't need to be the same but should be one which is common.