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    iOS SDK Subforum?




      could we have a new sub forum for iOS SDK?


      So all the questions and knowledge are collected there?


      PS: And move all existing iOS SDK postings there.




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          Hi Christian,


          I like the idea of having targeted spaces like an iOS SDK space. However, many of the community members only look at the Discussions area -- or only interact with the community via email and only monitor Discussions.


          So I'm reluctant to make the change at this time. Please be patient with us on this one -- we are considering a number of changes to the architecture of the community, and I'll include your request as part of that process.


          Cheers --



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            Rather than subforums, tags and other means can be used to help us find these. Mostly people can use the 'iOS SDK' somewhere in the subject.

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              The current forum layout is certainly not optimal.


              A way to categorize posts, so people know where to look for related questions and answers would be good.

              Subforums e.g. for


              * FM Pro

              * FM Server

              * FM Go

              * Web Direct

              * iOS SDK

              * Plugin SDK


              This way things could find a place to go.