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    FileMaker Server Connection Unstable


      I have been using FileMaker Server to host databases for a  few years now.  A couple of months ago I updated to FileMaker Server 14.0 and quite a few of my scripts for loading and saving information began to cause errors. I spoke with FileMaker support and they were unable to figure out what could be causing the problem so I reverted back to FileMaker 13.0.  The strange errors stopped but since then I have had connection issues when using FileMaker Go.  I get the error "The file '' could not be opened. Either the host is not available, or the file is not available on that host."  This message persists for a while and then everything works for a while.  This repeats constantly throughout the day.  I have multiple iPads and iPhones that all have the same issue.  I have checked Access Points to make sure they are working.  I don't know what is going on! Everything used to be fine and now we can't run filemaker consistently because of the connection problems.  If anyone has any ideas please let me know.  Let me know if more information would be helpful as well.


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          Before you did the upgrade were you on 13v1...4 and when you downgraded did you go to 13v9...10? We have had network issues with dropouts since we moved from 13v4 to 13v9. We also cannot locate issues with the network itself. My robot became so unreliable it would lose connection 2-3 times a week and I tried many things to work out why communication was being lost. At the moment robot is running client v14pro (v13.9 had connectivity issues and  v14Adv had script issues) connected to v13.9 and v13.10 servers and things are finally a bit better. All other clients are still 13v9 and report communication losses - and you can see it in the log files. I do not have disconnect user when idle ticked on the servers but some of the priv sets in the files themselves have this ticked. I played around with this for one priv set making sure it was not ticked in any of the 22 solution files and it did not seem to make a difference. This is a hard issue as first you have to prove the network is not at play and I am in an environment where this is well out of my hands. With our 13v9 upgrade we also installed the third party certs for SSL in fms. I am about to upgrade 3 servers to v14... would your advice be to stick with v13 given your experience?

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            jevans88 wrote:

            updated to FileMaker Server 14.0 and quite a few of my scripts for loading and saving information began to cause errors


            What were the errors?

            What traces of those errors were in the FMS event log?


            What is the OS of the FMS and what version of FMS14?

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              That's what I'm doing currently. I hope to eventually be able to upgrade to the newest version.