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Sub-summary together with standard layout for a letter

Question asked by LadyBear on Jan 19, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2016 by LadyBear

I have used a sub-summary layout to provide me with page 1 of a letter.  I then created page 2 for the letter because it was text only.

I would like to put page 1 and page 2 together.


Is there either

(a) a way to script a pdf which uses the records in the sub-summary to create page 1 in the pdf and then uses the second layout to create page 2 in the same pdf? ; or

(b) a way to make the second page part of the sub-summary layout so that it shows up as page 2.  In that case is it possible for the header and the footer to not print on the second page? ; or

(c) something I haven't thought of?