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Evaluate issue

Question asked by sivagurS on Jan 19, 2016
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I am trying to pass a string of values to a Script as Script Parameter.

Inside the script I'm using Evaluate to get the values as individual Parameters.


the passed parameter is "Let ([ $Wo_Num= " & $$nWo_Num & "; $Facility= " & $$tFacility &" ; $Sequence= " & $$nSeq & "];\")"


inside the script I'm trying to retreive the values using Evaluate ( Get ( ScriptParameter ) )


But when I try to access $Wo_Num, it returns nothing.


What am I doing wrong here. I did try sending a List() and then getting ist using GetValue(Get(ScriptParameter)), but my could contain empty values and Filemaker doesn't take null value, so that is not usbale for me.


Any suggestions please