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Sequelink Error 2315 ODBC Connection Issues

Question asked by dickdragon on Jan 20, 2016

I cannot get ODBC to work on my Filemaker 11 install. Fresh install of Filemaker 11 Advanced on Windows Server 2008 R2

I installed the xDBC client I for for FM11 off of the FM website

I set up Seqelink 5.5 Driver on the Windows XP machine I am connecting from...and a few other Windows boxes.

I keep getting Sequelink Error 2315 unknown session conversation protocol. This would appear to be an issue of mismatched Sequelink driver and listening database but everything is as ity is supposed to be as far as I know. Filemaker is working as far as connecting to it with the FM Software. Only ODBC connections fail. I have been banging ion this for 3 days and I am all out of even bad ideas. What am I missing?