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Exporting all fields of all records of all tables (77 of them)

Question asked by troy4444 on Jan 20, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2016 by troy4444

I want to have a safety of my data. Looking for an automated way or at least partly automated to

- select each of the 77 "export" tables I created, 1 at a time (OR create a new export table 1 at a time)

- make sure all fields are on that layout

- then export to a FMP file


I want to do this weekly to have a 'clean' copy of the data alone.

I know how to do the above all manually but it's a lot of keystrokes and time.

Wanting a way to script most or at least part of the process but none of the elements can be scripted.

Neither, a new layout, naming new layout, 'source' table for new layout, putting all fields on layout, these are the main issues.

Obviously exporting the data from a layout is scriptable, but nothing else is to my knowledge.

Appreciate if anyone has some insight.